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  1. Glenn W. Harrell
    Glenn W. Harrell May 20, 2014 at 8:48 am |

    Jim, Thanks for these thoughts. –a well needed conversation.

    I always pray that anyone who comes to a worship service also went to a morning bible class where they are known by name and where they did not get a lecture, but rather had a voice. Classroom and Community.
    Such two-way communication, though preferred for learning, can go awry very quickly in the worship time. I have known many preachers who can give a one-way without lecturing. It is almost like a personal invitation to join them silently within their expositional journey. Not all are so gifted or concerned that people “get-it.
    Preachers who grew up believing that a worship service was what Mr. Billy Graham did on his Crusades often copied that liturgy and effectively shut down any discipleship and community beyond the appeal to unbelievers. This still happens today in many churches, trying to hold on to the security of the past when things “worked”. This was a time when the potential response to evangelical appeal was much stronger and provided much more immediate gratification than the slow and tedious work of discipleship.
    The Spirit of God needs each of us to be pliable and open to the indigenous needs of our particular congregations. Perhaps I am too prideful and insecure to consider this paradigm?
    Let the Crusade Continue!