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  1. Zach Sprowls
    Zach Sprowls January 13, 2015 at 8:30 am |

    Error: Bob Kauflin is not a part of Sojourn. He is a part of Sovereign Grace Ministries.

  2. Glenn Harrell
    Glenn Harrell March 9, 2015 at 3:15 pm |

    “Furthermore, this generation is more and more interested in revisiting the ancient liturgy of the church than a church that seems polished and performance-driven. With the accessibility of technology, millennial’s can be entertained all week long. They are no longer looking to be entertained, but for authenticity.” –

    Haven’t found these youth, young adults yet, but will be glad to welcome them.
    Most congregations I know of are paying big bucks to sustain the entertainment portion of the show.

    None of our generations seem to be looking in this direction and if they did–I am ready to affirm. Evangelicalism has resisted biblical worship like the tongues movement. They remain content with
    Special Music
    Just As I Am
    Go Home

    The risk-taking necessary to change service patterns and liturgies is quite high. High enough to lose ones job and credibility if done without the time, leadership and support required. For example:

    I am sure that some areas of our country–some youth and adults alike would welcome the conversation during the sermon (lecture) time, but most where I live would have a conniption. Most pastors I know would never do it.

    Is it possible to evolve and train a multi-generational congregation towards so much of the legitimately biblical worship elements Millennial’s desire, without loosing 2 of the 4 generations?