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  1. Glenn Harrell
    Glenn Harrell May 30, 2015 at 4:33 pm |

    Thank you Jim for this article.
    Thank you for inviting us to be ourselves in this process of leadership.

    I have come to enjoy the feeling that someone else is surely much more qualified than me to do this thing called “Leading Worship”. I welcome the Lord to use me or anyone else He chooses.

    Another direction is that I quit trying to “lead worship” and I began leading people through the means you describe in your writing. I find worship to be best left to itself where no man (kind) attempts to lead it any where for any reason. “Worship Leader” is, to me, an oxymoron.

    Trying to define how one behaves while leading others reminds me of a golf buddy who used to ask me if I breathed in or out when I hit the ball (just as I was about to swing).
    If I have to dwell on how I am doing it , while I am doing it—perhaps I am not quite ready to do it? (like my golf game)

    Again, thank you for the integrity to which you call us in public worship as leaders.