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  1. Dan Bryan
    Dan Bryan June 25, 2014 at 12:40 am |

    You Wrote:In our desire to light a fire, it can be tempting to rely on these elements rather than the Holy Spirit of God. It is safer to design worship in such a way that, if God doesn’t “show up,” things will still be cool. In contrast, Hebrews 10:19-20 says that we enter the Most Holy Place not through music, but “by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way opened for us through the curtain, that is, his body.”

    Jim, so if we enter the Most Holy Place not through music, then what is the purpose of the music ministry? Maybe we should examine that more closely. I see church music as a form of manipulation, to put people into a state of being. It can be that of frenzy. Bringing people into an altered state of mental consciousness I equate to witchcraft or sorcery.

    I have heard preachers say it is to bring the people into a more ‘receptive place’ to receive the word. Why do people need to be stroked to receive from God? Why is the offering most taken at the culmination of worship, so the mindless will open their checkbook?

    Going back to the statement I mentioned. What in hell does it mean for ‘God to SHOW UP’? Is not the Spirit of God dwelling already in the temple of God (our bodies)? What else is there? What needs to ‘Show Up? Is God an existential Spirit that floats around during the Pagan Holy High Day of the Sun, listening for ‘the best’ that his children may offer and then ‘showing up’?

    I personally don’t need this crutch to bring me into ‘His Presence’, and if we have to have some worship to get into His Presence’ then we should question or very salvation as well as wonder just what is being ‘Served Up’ so that He will arrive?

    The Lord inhabits my praise I offer him in my shower.
    The Lord inhabits my praise of Him, when speaking of Him to my Neighbor.

    I no longer assemble with ‘the saints’ on Sunday, yet I hear his voice more clearly, follow him more dearly, each day. I have no spiritual dry periods. There are no moments that I feel he has left me or is not answering prayer.
    So what is the purpose? Who’s fire? How do you know? What is the test?

    1. Jim Altizer
      Jim Altizer June 26, 2014 at 1:44 pm |

      From the Author:
      Thanks for commenting, Dan. You have some interesting and common questions.

      Not only is the use of music in worship completely biblical in both the Old & New Testaments; it also seems that music has an amazing ‘ability.’ It can act as a guided missile that takes Truth to and from the heart in an amazing way. It seems to form a bridge on which my mind and my heart can “shake hands.” Clearly, it can also be used to manipulate, as can almost any form of Art or Communication, but this does not negate the command and precedent to utilize Music in worship.

      The phrase “God shows up” is merely an attempt to describe, from a human point of view, the communal awareness of God’s presence. This also has precedence in both Old & New Testaments. Regarding labeling Sunday as a “pagan holy high day of the sun;” Christians historically refer to Sunday as “Resurrection Day” or the “Eighth Day.” It is set aside to celebrate resurrection and new life, and is why we celebrate on Sunday instead of Saturday.

      I’m deeply sorry you no longer assemble with other Christians, as there are certain mandates of the Christian life that cannot be accomplished in solitude. We simply belong together, and to each other. And when “Me” becomes “We,” we also reflect both the unity and the community of the Trinity. I’m sorry if your Church experience has been painful; we Christians are still in process. Please reconsider this decision, and thanks for writing!