Your Summer Reading List

The response over the weekend to our new Choir Festival Toolkit resource has been amazing! Thanks! The Toolkit leads you step-by-step from the idea stage to the stage platform. In addition to helping you with logistics, there is an extensive section on how to generate the publicity you need to turn out a big crowd. It is a wonderful resource to have, and you can take advantage of our introductory pricing by clicking here.

This week, with the holidays (tomorrow in Canada, Friday in the US) is another milestone in the summer season (did you see what Doug Lawrence says about that here?). And what does everybody need on a summer holiday weekend? A summer reading list, of course…which by an odd coincidence (hmmm…), today’s article just happens to supply…

Today’s Article

Today’s article: Ready, Fire, Aim, starts with a great (I say great!) story. Here’s an excerpt:

A story is told of a small English village in years gone by which was known for its great archer. In an effort to meet this most amazing person, a peddler traveled to this hamlet only to discover that all he’d heard was true! Everywhere he looked there was evidence of an expert bow man. There were targets all around town, even in obscure places. But the results were always the same. Every single target had an arrow in the dead center of the bull’s eye!

As he inquired, he was told this superb archer was also the town simpleton! Undeterred, the visitor sought out this local Robin Hood. He quickly found the man at the town well and questioned him…
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P.S. As you may remember, we don’t publish on holidays, and so there will be no article tomorrow (July 1) as we celebrate along with our Canadian colleagues. We’ll be back at you on Wednesday and Thursday, then dark again on Friday (July 4) to celebrate along with our American colleagues. Thanks and be safe out there.

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